Thursday, March 31, 2011

FIX $65 Gift Certificate Giveaway


Starts: retroactive March 30th

Ends: April 29th

Prize: $65 Gift Certificate

Winners will be announced: shortly thereafter contest ends.

Prize: gift certificate that can be spent in any participating FIX members shop/website….GC can be split up between several shops…winner chooses how to spend it.

How to enter: place an order with one of the participating FIX members shops. Post your order in the FIX$ GIVEAWAY thread in the FIX Co-op Ravelry group. Participating co-op members are allowed to play in this contest!

One entry per order/invoice. Multiple orders/invoices means multiple entries. Orders combined for a refund on shipping count as 1 order.

--winner may use gift certificate in any participating members shop or shops. Winner will purchase their items, PM me with their orders (shop purchased from and total including shipping) when the total has reached the $65 amount the money will be gifted to your Pay Pal.

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