Wednesday, September 29, 2010

To the vet we went...

So Mama Valorous and her 4 beautiful babies all went to the vet today. Everyone is healthy, fat and happy. They all received their shots and milkshake (banana flavored dewormer) and took it like little troopers.

Next week they are ready for new homes. Hopefully they get good ones.

Monday, September 20, 2010

The puppies first outing!

Tonight I took Valorous and her 4 puppies to my parents house. Of course, they were little monsters, running around and piddling everywhere. But I think my parents had as much fun as the dogs did.

I took Val outside to potty and there were 4 deer in the yard. Val has never seen a deer. She was mesmerized. She didnt bark or anything.

Here is Val and her babies

Thursday, September 16, 2010

A week of ups and downs

Wow, its been one of those weeks. First I got my drum carder and was SUPER happy and excited. I have been playing with it all week.  I have been getting fiber in the mail every day. Its like Christmas here for me.

Then today I get up, and realize that I have to put my 20 year old kitty, Pig, to sleep. She lived a long and happy life, and I knew this was coming. It is just very sad. This is the 5th pet (the original 5 that Tj and I had when we first got together) that I have had to put to sleep in the last 2 years. It never gets any easier.

Then this afternoon I am outside, in the rain, putting oil in my car (don't ask) and UPS shows up with my ball winder and yarn swift. Happy moment.

Tonight we went to the Melting Pot and I ate so much...that place is awesome. I would go there just for cheese and chocolate.

And just now I received an email that my Dharma Trading order has been shipped. More presents this weekend.

So I am hoping, from now on...its just going to be GOOD news.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Exciting Day!

Today is an awesome day. I got my Fancy Kitty Kitten Drum Carder. I am so happy. Its like Christmas morning to me. I have already completed one practice batt on it. Now that I almost know what to look for in a batt, I cant wait to start more.

Now I am just waiting for the fibers I have ordered to come in so I had lots of pretties to put together.

Friday, September 10, 2010

A dyeing day..

The weather has been exceptionally gorgeous here in Delaware. So today I decided to get some roving dyed to set outside to dry. Well, what do you know..the drying brings on the clouds. Please dont rain on my roving!

Yesterday I ordered a Fancy Kitty Kitten Drum Carder from Ron. I cannot wait until it gets here. You have to check out his site if you are interested in fiber work. He does amazing work at awesome prices. I ordered my Kitten with the Fine cloth and motorized kit. I figured why put more pressure on my hand / wrist if I dont have to. Here's his site: You will be extremely impressed. I know I am. I'm like a kid at christmas waiting for their toys. LOL.

Well, everyone, have a great day. Take care.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Fiber Indie Experience Prize Box Time!

PRIZE BOX DRAWING: Sept. 4th THRU Oct. 9th. Three (3) prize boxes available. --to get an entry into the drawing place an order during the drawing dates in any of the participating FIX co-op members etsy shops and post your order in the special drawing thread here . One entry per order. Multiple orders means multiple entries.

There are 3 prize boxes entries you can win…….2 boxes with 5 full sized items and 1 box with one sample item from each co-op member and Katies “Wool Gathering” pin, a total of 11 items  The video of all the prizes is here

To get extra “freebie” entries into the drawing watch for the FEATURED ENABLER thread on Ravelry! We will feature one co-op members shop for a few days, go to their shop and browse around, come back to the Featured Enabler thread and leave a comment about the shop, after the few days are up one # will be drawn from the posts about the Featured shop and I will post a “freebie entry” in the drawing thread for that person. One entry per person per Featured Enabler.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Irritated to no end right now.....

So my insurance company, State Farm, and their attorney are playing games with money they owe my husband and I. I am ready to drive to Frederick, MD and let them have it. I have diligently paid my car and home owners insurance every month for the last 20 years to them. Now...they want to jerk me around.

Why are insurance companies and attorneys such jerks???